A R Digital join the “Engage Partner Programme” for “Panasonic Toughbook”

Panasonic Toughbook has unveiled a new Partner Programme in the UK called Engage. The company says it forms part of a multi-tiered channel approach to support and incentivise partners to grow new and existing markets.

Resellers who are part of the Engage Partner Programme will receive dedicated support and online product training.

With more than a 65 per cent share of the European rugged and durable notebook computer market - Toughbooks are changing the way organisations operate in the most challenging of environments. They give mobile professionals access to data and applications in places where it was never before possible, across many different sectors, including automotive, construction, defence, emergency services, healthcare, retail, telecoms and utilities.

Panasonic Toughbooks are designed to give mobile workers in challenging environments reliable and secure access to their data and applications. Toughbooks are designed to overcome the situations where traditional mobile PC’s fail including vibration, knocks, water, dust, disinfectants, sunlight, battery life and one-handed operation.

By giving workers access to IT in challenging environments, business processes, productivity and customer experience can be dramatically improved.