Busy with Bisley

Bisley’s steel cabinets are renowned world-wide. Manufactured in Newport, South Wales, their range of products is becoming increasingly diverse. The company is currently undergoing a major expansion programme and to further maximize its efficiency and cost effectiveness, there has been a need to tackle the company’s office and IT systems. That’s where AR Digital came to the rescue.

Managing Director, Rick Porazinski, explained the AR Digital process, “We carried out a thorough cost calculation exercise and took a close look at each department’s requirements before we made any recommendations. Bisley runs its operation on very clear and structured systems, as we do. What’s more, with our technically advanced software expertise, we’re able to adapt and be on hand quickly.”

An Olivetti MF551 was installed, on trial for a month, and the positive feedback was overwhelming. From the placing of the orders, to the installation of the new fleet, took just 1 week. AR Digital spent a day and a half training the staff and a member of each department was allocated to be “in charge” of the machine.

The marketing department is now able to produce its own high quality colour brochures thanks to its range of new multi functional full-colour A3 devices which not only saves time but quite a lot of money, as they no longer need to outsource their printing.

Mark Gauntlett, Bisley’s IT Systems Engineer said, “I’m really impressed by the web-based interface link from the Olivetti machines to the network. It’s very simple to use, gives me a lot of information about print usage and I can check if there are any issues.

“What I like is that AR Digital’s engineer will turn up with a couple of boxes under his arm, and then take the time to cast an eye over each department’s machine. The machines are so reliable, though, that there isn’t much for him to do with our fleet.

“The cost-saving alone on the Olivetti products was excellent. AR Digital was competitive on lease costs, we could spend much less on running costs and I could see where we would make huge energy cost reductions.”