Education, education, education!

Cardiff and Vale College is one of the largest and most exciting new colleges in the country offering academic and vocational courses including A Levels, HNDs, PGCE and Foundation. To keep such a complex organization running smoothly is a challenge and the Human Resources department is at the forefront of ensuring the college is firing on all cylinders when it comes to its personnel filing. AR Digital has provided the department with the latest Filestream electronic document management system and round the clock technical support.

Mark O’Brien, Head of HR Operations, said, “The College was already using Filestream to electronically manage and store its invoices. The HR team decided to digitise its HR files and also use Filestream. We also use Filestream workflow functionality to allow electronic staff change requests and multiple approvers.

“Previously we had paper personnel files but now all staff files are electronic. Not only does this save a significant amount of space it allows us to access HR files even when not in the office.

“With regard to workflow it allows us to efficiently manage our staff changes approval processes. Previously we used a paper-based system that was difficult to control and manage. Electronic Workflows allows us to easily record and track requests throughout the process.

“Thanks to the introduction of Filestream not only is there a huge difference in terms of physical space, but we have more efficient access to information and remote access. The Workflow process saves time in terms of tracking and more efficient reporting. I can’t praise AR Digital enough as Rick and the team are responsive to our needs and support us whenever we need any technical advice.”

Rick Porazinski, Managing Director, AR Digital, added, “Being able to improve the efficiency of Cardiff and Vale College’s administrative function through digitisation rather than a paper-based system is of benefit to everyone.”

The college has a 90 user system including web access.